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Here is Sophie's 'Voices in the Park' story, which is based at a school! Look at the fronted adverbials she has used and how she has created some imaginative characters- well done Sophie...

Attached is James' End of Year Writing- well done James! Have we more still to come?

Here is Nathan's learning from last week- he completed his 'All About Me' learning too to pass onto Miss Tyler. Have I got anymore?

Here is Erika's End of Year Writing work- have we any others? Well done Erika on an incredibly successful year!

Here is Mateusz and Filip's End of Year pieces of writing- well done boys and I look forward to seeing you in September!

Nathan assures me that this is his 'final draft' of his 'Tunnel Inspired' story! This is what all good writer do though- they add, they adapt, they edit, they look to improve! Well done Nathan- an excellent attempt!

Here is Nathan's Tunnel Inspired Story- Nathan did a first draft and then edited/ evaluated his writing and look at the outcome! You can see the clear 'story mountain progression' plus excellent use of speech in his writing...

Here is Lauren's 'Dance Mat' typing certificate- did anyone else get one? I look forward to seeing some more! Well done Lauren...

Here is Sophie's story which, once again, I particularly enjoyed reading. Look at the variety of punctuation she uses and how she varies her adjectives to create excitement in her text. Well done Sophie- I am particularly impressed!

Here are some examples of Nathan's work from the past week. I love the way Nathan got involved in the editing and evaluating part of our learning last week, as well as built up his Maths skills. Excellent work Nathan!

Here is Nathan posting his 'Dear New Friend' letter- are there any other takers?

Here is Toyosi's story- see how she has changed 'The Tunnel' to a wall. See how she has used our 'story mountain' structure to further develop her writing. Well done Toyosi- a very impressive effort- keep up the good work!

Here is Lauren's edited, evaluated and up-levelled version of her own 'The Tunnel' tale. What an excellent attempt it is! Look at how Lauren has used the 'story mountain' as a base for her excellent writing. I love the fact she has used speech, beginning with words other than 'said' and she has used a range of conjunctions and fronted adverbials. Can you find them? Well done Lauren!

Attached are some images of Nathan's learning from last week. It is excellent to see him engaging in the full range of learning activities available for him! As he has self-marked as well, I am able to see which areas he needs some more support with- well done Nathan!

Attached is Evelyn's Andy Goldsworthy inspired Art! Well done Evelyn- I really like it. Keep up the excellent Remote Learning...

Here is Ethan's learning from today (12.06.2020). I hope he is engaging well with that PE too- well done Ethan!

Here is a picture today of Lauren's 'Andy Goldsworthy' inspired Art! Well done Lauren- keep up the excellent 'Remote Learning'...

See below some examples of Abbie's Home Learning! I particularly like her debate about her chair being made of chocolate and her thinking around 'The Tunnel'. This immersion will mean she is ready for writing her story...

Here is Toyosi's finished poster- she is starting to understand persuasive features well! Good girl Toyosi- keep up the hard work!

Here are some examples of Abbie's learning which I received from the end of last week- she has really tried hard to persuade with her 'Julia Donaldson Inspired Attraction'- can you see all of those persuasive examples?

Attached is some of Abbie's learning from 02.06.2020. She said in her email she is looking forward to coming back- I am looking forward to seeing you! For the time, keep working hard remotely and do yourself proud!

Toyosi's David Walliams Inspired Theme Park

Still image for this video
Sitting in my office at school, this has really made me smile! Look at how persuasive it is as well and with the voice of excellent passion too! Well done Toyosi- a fantastic example you have set for others- enjoy watching...

Attached is some of Abbie's learning from 01.06.2020. Well done Abbie- you have engaged incredibly well with the learning opportunities here. Keep this up until we meet again!

Abbie's Remote Learning- 01.06.2020

Attached is some of Nathan's Half Term Learning! Well done Nathan- an excellent effort here- keep up the fantastic work...

Learning can be whatever you make of it! Attached is an image of Zach using 'Scratch'- one of the computer programmes we use at school. He has designed an underwater snake! Well done Zach and keep learning!

Here is some of Ethan's learning from this week! Have you found you are able to add and subtract more confidently now? Has this helped you with revising the skills of adding and subtracting?

Here are some examples of Weronika's poetry work she undertook last week. Just look at the different styles of poem she is writing- well done Weronika!

Here is a collection of Nathan's work from the past few weeks- well done Nathan! I particularly like his non-chronological report- I was able to learn so much about Minecraft!

Attached is Sophie's poem entitled 'Locked Away in my Garden'- a very apt poem for this particular time! It is an incredibly enjoyable read- well done Sophie!

Here is some of Emily's learning from last week. I love the poem Emily- set out like a poem and you have used numerous poetic devices. Can you see which ones she has used?

Here is Abbie's Poem entitled 'The Starry Night'- look how she creates excellent mood and atmosphere in this poem. Can you spot any other poetic features?

Here is Nela's non-chronological report- all about 'Tigers'! I love the fact that this is independent learning and that Nela has typed it so she can send it to me. If you look back at your non-chronological report features, how many has Nela ticked off?

Here is Lauren's poem all about 'changing jobs' with 'Chef Jeff'! Look at how she has included rhyming couplets. Did it make you laugh and smile? I found this very funny!

Here is Evelyn's Poetry work- I love the fact that you can see her here performing the poem! Her poem is about a bouncy ball- can you spot any poetic features she has used? Well done Evelyn!

Here is some of Ethan's learning from 11.05.2020- it seems like Ethan has an excellent understanding of those multiplications! Perhaps he can now show this on Times Table Rockstars...

Here is an excellent portrait poem by Zach about his friend Fifi- such a lovely thought, particularly at this time...

Below is Nela's finished book review for Kensuke's Kingdom! She obviously got fed up waiting for Mr Burchett so read it anyway! Well done Nela! For those who have a copy, you can have a try of reading it now- it is a great book! I have been unable to access an online copy but I will continue to try to do so...

Look at what Zach is reading- he is enjoying his learning about Roald Dahl in 'Lockdown'. I wonder how many books he will get through during this time...Also attached is a photograph of him with some 'Rainbow Colouring' for his aunt. She works hard for our NHS and he will be posting a letter to her today. That is so thoughtful Zach!

Look at what Imani is reading by Enid Blyton- have you read any of these books before?

Nela- Playing the Recorder

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This is one of the massive benefits of 'Remote Learning'. As much as I love to see their work, it is lovely to see their faces as well. It looks like we have a very talented recorder player for when we come back- well done Nela!

Weronika' Story- The Clever Mice

Read Weronika's story below. Notice how she has attempted to use some ambitious vocabulary, as well as starting her sentences off in a variety of ways. Could you critique hers like we would in class? What do you really like about Weronika's story and what could be her 'point for improvement'? Well done Weronika- a great attempt!

It would be fantastic if everyone could have a look at Zach's presentation! I see this as one of the amazing benefits of 'Remote Learning'. Zach- you should be incredibly proud of this piece and all of its interesting information!

Here is Ethan's Remote Learning from 29.04.2020- some fantastic fraction work Ethan! Well done!

Here is Ethan's Remote Learning from 28.04.2020- he has risen to my challenge! Can you spot what the challenge was though?

Last week in Art, I sent you over some resources to complete a cartoon drawing with Rob. Here is Lauren's drawing (see the attached file). I am sure you can tell who her drawing is of- that's the quality of a good artist Lauren! Well done!

Here is some of Jakub's Remote Learning. Look what he has been learning! His baking skills have improved- could he be our next Jamie Oliver? His plants are growing well and he has loved learning about fractions. I also really like his PE game- how many have you have got out your 'Twister' sets for PE? Well done Jakub- excellent work!

Here is some of Ethan's work from 27.04.2020- look at how Ethan's Maths has developed over the course of our 'Remote Learning'...

Here is some more of Ethan's work, this time from 23.04.2020. He has written his story in the style of 'Fantastic Mr Fox' and is on Friday going to proofread it. This should give you a good idea of what we are looking for...

Sophie's Learning- 22.04.2020

Do you remember our 'Watery World' picture? I was reading through Sophie's short story yesterday and was so impressed by the effort she had put into this. She used some of the resources provided but created a short piece of real quality, using a wide range of additional resources as well. It seemed like her Mum just guided her and helped her with the ideas! Fantastic work Sophie- I particularly like your use of brackets and direct speech, using an increasingly wide range of punctuation. Keep it up! Also attached is her rainbow of support for the NHS- an activity even my son in Year 7 was keen to have a go at...


Here is Ethan's Maths and English from 21.04.2020- have a look at how Ethan is able to make fractions equal and, from here, see which one is the largest! Well done Ethan- keep it up!

Emily has been planting some seeds as part of her Science during our Remote Learning- let's see her in action...

Here is Sophie, enjoying her magazine! Remember, try to read as much as you can but particularly, for pleasure... Sophie has also been working hard at her fractions learning and her myth!

Brave Lesus And The Underworld- Sophie's excellent myth...

Look at Nathan's Remote Learning- Joe Wicks workouts, learning about plants and using playing cards to learn about fractions! I am very interested to find out more Nathan!

This is Nathan's Roman Myth too...

Look at what Filip and Mateusz have been up to- who else is getting their garden sorted at this time?

'Max and the Battle of the Seas' by Zach

Below is Zach's myth- a very interesting read in which he has included many elements of what a typical myth should look like. When reading it, I particularly liked Zach's use of onomatopoeia and how he tried to use a simile. Remember, this is not just for use in poetry, as Zach has demonstrated. Great job Zach!

'Ruby and the Beastly Creature' by Abbie

Look at Abbie's myth! I am really impressed at the range of mythical features she has included and how she has tried to link her sentences. She has used conjunctions well to link clauses but has also tried to link her sentences at the start using fronted adverbials.  Read on and enjoy...

'Maximas the Great' by Weronika

Here is Weronika's myth.  It is about our brave hero 'Maximas' who tries to help the people after Jupiter curses them. Can you see all of the features she has tried to include to make this more 'mythical'? Read on to find out more...