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Early Bird Breakfast Club

Contact details -

07763 003706


The quickest and easiest way to contact either Early Birds or Night Owls is via the Early Birds/Night Owls mobile which is active on a school day between 7:45am - 8:45am and 3:15pm - 6pm. 

Costs £

£3.50 per session


Cancellations £

If a child is booked in to attend and fails to show without cancelling then the charge of £3.50 for the session must still be paid.

All cancellations must be messaged to the  Early Birds mobile before the start of the booked session. 

If you need to cancel more than one session in a row (for example if your child is off sick and will be off for two or more consecutive days) please make clear how many sessions you need to cancel as you may still be charged for some of them.