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Easter Holidays (Optional Activities)

Happy Easter Bees!

It was lovely speaking to so many of you last week and seeing what busy bees you have been!  Here are a few optional activities for the holidays if you would like to complete them. Have fun! 


Literacy Activities:


This week can you read the Easter story in the Bible and talk to your family about why we celebrate this event. Think about how this event changed the world and blesses your life today. 



Can you complete any of these activities?

1. Draw a picture of Jesus on Easter Sunday and write a short sentence about how it makes you feel?


2. Can you make an Easter card for your family?


3. Can you draw a picture and write about how you are celebrating Easter this year? This is a very different year to most so it would be nice to have a record of how you are celebrating during these challenging circumstances. 


4. Can you write a prayer that you and your family can say together on Easter Sunday?


Maths Activities: 


To continue with the Easter theme, can you complete any of the following activities?


1. Could you cut out and decorate 10 Easter eggs? Whilst you are decorating it, use a dice to decide how many of each pattern you are going to put on. For example, if you want to decorate it with stars, roll the dice to find out how many stars you going to put on etc. 


Once the eggs are decorated, hide them from your family so you can go on an Easter egg hunt together. 

Who found the most/least? You could then extend this to who found the egg with the most stars etc. 


2. Will you be doing any Easter baking? Make a record of how much of each ingredient you need. (For example, 2 eggs, 3 spoons of butter etc). 


3. Following on from last week, can you count how many more days there are until Easter? Can you make a calendar that you can tick off each day as we get closer to Easter?


4. Can you cut out some Easter crafts (could be Easter bunnies or Easter crosses) of all different sizes. Can you put them in order of shortest to tallest?