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Today I would like you to start a Reflective Journal based on The City of Ember. It can be at the back of a notebook or somewhere that you can refer back to throughout studying this text. Your journal will be a place to add your thoughts and feelings about the story as we go and I will be asking you to add to it, so please make sure you have it handy.  It will be good for you to reflect on how your thoughts and opinions have changed about the story, as you read it. 



Read the Prologue ( p1 -3)


In your reflective journal, create a mind map of your initial responses to what you have read today. Think about how it makes you feel,  what it makes you think about and your predications. This should only be a quick 5 minute jotting.


Task 1: Vocabulary check

Have a look at the vocabulary sheet below and have a go at saying the words aloud. Do you know what they mean? If you are unsure, use a dictionary to write down the definitions.  If there are any other words that you have read that you are unsure of, do this for them too. 


Task 2: Sentence check

Now you have found the definitions of the new vocabulary, can you put them into your own sentences? 


Challenge: Paragraph check

Now that you can put the words into sentences, can you put them into a paragraph?  Take the challenge and use the trickier words! Have a look at the help sheet below to support you in how to write a paragraph. 





Vocabulary grid and Paragraph writing support