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Read Chapter 1 (p4-16) 


5 mins Reflective Journal:

Create a mind map thinking about what you have read in chapter one. Use these questions to help you:

How would it feel to be in that much darkness?

What’s interesting about the character names?

What do the characters think about their jobs?

What do we know about the characters so far?

How has the author set the scene? Introduced the characters?


Task 1: Assignment day analysis

Today I want you to reflect on what you have read and how the author paints a picture of Ember in our minds. Read and complete the text grid below which is split into 'what the text says' and ' what this tells us' 

For example: 

The text says...

'The only light came from great flood lamps...'


This tell us...

There is no natural light source such as the sun in The City of Ember



For your challenge I would like you to write a paragraph using PEE.

No, I haven't gone completely bonkers!

PEE stands for :




Use the PEE support sheet to help you write a paragraph about one of the aspects from your analysis reflection sheet, in task 1.

You may also want to use these sentences starters to help you:

The author uses dialogue to show what Ember is like e.g.…This tells me…

I know Ember is…because…(Using words from the text)

I knew Doon was angry on assignment day because he…