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Chapter 2: A message to the Mayor (p17-40)


Reflective Journal:

Today we are focusing on the character of Lina. Look at these questions and jot down some of your thoughts. Remember this is only a quick task!

What do we know about her so far?

What do you think she looks like?

 ‘She wished she could bring all of them good news’ What does this tell us about Lina? p.31

 What do they use to know the time? p.34


Task 1: Thought shower

I would like you to create a  thought shower jotting down adjectives to describe Lina, based on what it says in the text. You can use a thesaurus to help you include interesting adjectives.

For Example:

Lina is athletic because she runs everywhere.

You may want to use the body template below to present your ideas. 


Task 2: Lina paragraph description

Write a detailed  paragraph explaining what Lina is like and how the author uses characterisation. Please make sure that you refer to the text.

For Example:

Lina is curious because in the text she sneaked up to the roof to look around.

Remember to use the paragraph burger to help you!