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Chapter 3: Under Ember 

Read pages 40- 49 only


Task 1:Thought shower

Today we are going to be focusing on the character of Doon. As you did for Lina yesterday, create a thought shower using adjectives and the text to jot down what you think about Doon. You can use the body template below to record your ideas. 


Task 2 : Paragraph description

Using what you have written in your thought shower, create a detailed paragraph describing the character of Doon. Use what you created yesterday in Lina's paragraph description to help you. With all the paragraph writing that you have completed, you should be an expert by now! Remember to use everything that you have learnt. 


Challenge: Comparing characters laugh

Using everything that you know about the characters of Lina and Doon, create a table to compare them both. Think about their similarities and differences. 

Which character do you prefer? Why?