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Read Chapter 5-On Night Street

5 min reflection

Write your thoughts to these questions:

Why was Lina so excited by the pencils? p75

What would it feel like to have a black out? p78


Task 1- Read

Today, we are going to explore how to create a really exciting and perilous problem section. Focus on p.77-80 and look how the author has built a feeling of suspense and danger for the reader. How does the author build tension?


Task 2 - Suspense toolkit

Now that you have focused on how suspense is used in the text, I would like you to write a toolkit, as you have before, including all of the things that you think you need to use to build tension and danger.

Remember, you can present this anyway that you see fit. You will be using it to help remind yourself later on in the week.

You can check your toolkit with some of the tools that I have included below but have a go yourself first.


Task 3- The Manor

Have a look at the example of a suspense text below 'The Manor'. Use your toolkit to identify the features of suspense that they author has used. Can you colour code them?