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Yesterday, we learnt about the features of speech and looked at examples of this in our class text. Today we are going to be thinking about all of these features and how to write speech ourselves.


Task 1: DRAMA

Recap the last part of chapter 8, where Doon was about to leave the library but Lina walked in.

Think about what Doon might do next and what he might say to Lina. If you can, act this out with a member of your family. Try to create a conversation in the roles of Lina and Doon. It would be a great idea if you could record yourself and your family member in role and watch it back together!



Now that you have thought about and acted out what the characters might say next in the story, have a go at writing this in speech bubbles. You can create your own or use the speech bubbles below. You may want to draw a quick picture of each of the characters and stick the speech bubbles next to them.


Speech bubble template