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Today I would like you to take some time to catch up on some City of Ember reading.

The only difference is that there is a challenge...

Where is the strangest place you can find to read your City of Ember book?

Take a picture and send it to me! I look forward to see who can read in the strangest place!


Task 1: READ

 Read chapter 10 and 11 of The City of Ember and answer the follow questions...

  1.   p.145- What is Lizzie hiding? Is it fair on Ember?
  2. p.150 - Why is Lizzie defensive about Looper?
  3. p.152 – What is no one knew? Should Lina accept the items? Why? Why not? Discuss her actions. What should Lina do now?


Start reading chapter 12.

  1. p.156 – ‘What he saw made him gasp’ What do they think he’s seen? How would he feel to discover this?
  2. Bottom of p.157 – Doon finds Lina. What do you think will happen in the conversation? Discuss ideas and mind map.  



Applying what you have learnt throughout the week, write a conversations between Lina and Doon at this point of the story. You should complete this independently thinking about all the features of speech that you have learnt.