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The children will be reading the end of chapter 10 of The City of Ember this week. However it does deal with some difficult topics as the grandmother of the main character passes away. You many want to speak with your children about this before they read the chapter and be prepared to discuss any questions or feeling that they may have about this.



Task 1: Read chapter 10 (Blue Sky and Good bye).

Create a mind map of how Lina will be feeling now that her Grandma has passed away?


Now think about how you might feel finding a way out of Ember/ deciphering the letter?


Task 2: Emotional paragraph


Now you have thought about Lina's feelings at this point in the story, you have 3 options to choose from  for today's task. Each task gets more challenging as you progress through the options:




Green- Write a paragraph describing Lina's emotions and feelings in the 1st person( I, me). Orally rehearse the sentences before you write them. 




Amber- Write two paragraphs as Lina in the 1st person, one describing her emotions and feelings and another describing her worries now.  Use strong vocabulary (not just upset/sad). Use a thesaurus to help you choose more interesting vocabulary.




Red- Write 3 paragraphs as Lina in the 1st person, one describing her emotions and feelings, the second describing her worries now and a third describing what she will do to overcome them (decipher message, find a ways out of Ember). Remember to vary your sentences by using subordinate /relative clauses (See SPaG support).



Challenge yourself!


Use the emotions thesauraus grid below to help you use more interesting vocabulary.