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Today we will be learning what a monologue is and what makes it effective.


TASK 1: What does 'monologue' actually mean?

Have a look in the dictionary and see if you can find the definition of ' monologue'

Show chn an example of monologue, ask what they notice about the piece of writing.

prefix – mono

suffix – logue                           ( so dialogue means….)


TASK 2: Take a look at the presentation below to learn a little bit about monologues and see an example of a monologue.


What is a monolgue? (presentation)

Syndrome's final Monologue

Mr. Incredible and his family have been captured by Syndrome as he starts his routine Monologue about being the best Superhero ever.


Read the monologue examples below and look at the features that are used to make it effective.

Now, choose one of the monologues and act it out. Think about movements, actions and expressions to make the monologue come to life!