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Task 1: Reflect on the progress of the story

Look back at the predictions made at the beginning of the topic and think about what you have found out so far.

  1. Jot down your answers to these questions:
  2. Why are the failing lights so important?
  3. What animals have been mentioned?
  4. What do the people eat?
  5. Why does everyone leave school at age 12?
  6. What have you worked out about Granny?
  7. When is the book set?
  8. What is the year and what does this tell us?
  9. What is beyond the city? Why don’t they know?
  10. Who were the Builders?
  11. Why did Granny have the box?


Note: You don't have to write each of the questions out, just number your answers.



TASK 2:  Read chapter 12 and mind map your ideas to the follow questions:


  1. p.156 – ‘What he saw made him gasp’ What do they think he’s seen? How would he feel to discover this?
  2. Bottom of p.157 – Doon finds Lina. What do you think will happen in the conversation?