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TASK 1: Read chapter 17 'Away'

When reading this chapter, begin to think about:

  • Who are the key characters?
  • What are key events?
  • What are their significance?

Now discuss the following questions:

  1. What had happened to Lina? p226
    Would he see her again?
    Should he go back and look for her?
  2. The lights went out. Screaming. Could he go on? Should he stop? Needs a solution (Author offers candles) p228
  3. Pipe entrance. Two choices. Lina? What happens if she does not come? p 230

      Poppy and Lina have arrived. There are a series of mini issues/dilemmas regarding the use of the boat that engage the reader- How to use the oars etc. p233 onwards.



Now that you have read and understood chapter 17, answer the following comprehension questions in as much details as you can. Be sure to write in full sentences, no one word answers!