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African Folk Tales

Lined handwriting paper we use in class for our English lessons

Imitation Stage 

Awongalema Tree - Folk story belived to orginated from Zanzibar

1st March English Speech bubbles

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

LI: To use speech marks in my writing.

Tuesday 2nd March English

3 and 4 3 21 english

Friday 5th March 2021 English return to school activity



Last weeks lessons:


Thursday 25th February 2021

LI: To story map an African folk tale. 

Listen to the model text or read the model text and create your own story map. See Miss Sexton's story map below. Miss Sexton has not completed hers. Could you ensure you finish yours so that you can tell her what happens at the end? 

Friday 26th February English lesson

Tips to support your child writing sentences

  • Encourage your child to say the sentence they wish to write out loud. If you have a way to record this sentence, then do, it will really help!
  • Together count how many words are in the sentence. Use fingers to count. 
  • Draw lines for where the words will sit - check there are the same amount of lines for the words your child counted in their sentence.
  • Encourage your child to hear the first the sound of each of their words in their sentence. You can download the sound mats for support. 
  • Get the child to write the first letter of each word down on the lines. 
  • Then either get your child to retell the sentence again or press play on the recording. Listen to each word at a time and focus on sounding each word out. (It's okay if they don't know all the sounds! They may know the first and end sound and that's still amazing and they need to be praised for how well they are doing)
  • Once they have sounded each word out. Ask your child what does the sentence need at the beginning and what does it need at the end. Capital letter and a full stop. 
  • Some children may only need to write one sentence per lesson and that's absolutely fine especially when they have worked so hard!

Resources to support writing