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In English this week (23/11/2020) we are working together to change the lyrics to the song 'Astronaut' by Coco and the Butterfields. 


We have chosen a Christmas theme for our alternative song, and because of this we are exploring replacing the song's characters with Christmas alternatives. 


The first verse of the song goes as follows: 

If you were an astronaut
And your rocket got lost in space
You just hang above the stars
In a big shiny metal case
Then I would come and find you and
I would bring you home
Because there's no other astronaut
That I would like to call my own.


We are working on changing those words that have been highlighted in red.


And I would love for you to give it a go!


We have had some great sentences in class like, 'If you were a robin and your nest got lost in wind', but what can you come up with? 


Think carefully about your Christmas characters and what they might get up too!


If you have any concerns please get in touch with Miss Packer. 

In English this week (16/11/20), we have been creating the song maps for our model text 'Astronaut'.


In order to do this we have been reading through the model text and for every verse and chorus we have illustrated the lyrics in a box. 




Please see the song map that we have created in English to use as an example if you would like.

Attached below is the model text and the song map for you to print and complete, or recreate on your own piece of paper. Have fun!