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English Spring 1


Our cold task (an activity we do before giving any input) is to independently write a fairy tale. We then repeat this at the end of the unit and hope that with the support, teaching and practice the second fairy tale would have improved. 


Next Week in class we will be kicking off our topic of Kings and Queen's with a fairy tale which we will be working through with our talk for writing styled learning. I will upload this for you at the weekend with the relevant activities. 

For now (after the cold task), can you spend some time reading some fairy tales and identifying the common features. 


Can you draw your favourite character from a fairy tale and write what you like about them. 


Can you write a book recommendation for your favourite fairy tale?


I have also included a Talk for Writing Home Learning Pack below. Feel free to use and enjoy this whilst at home learning. There is a nice story and lots of follow-on activities for you to complete. 



Monday 10th - Features of a fairy tale.


Today in class we will be thinking about the key features of a fairy tale. These include: 


Notice that the picture of the hand has 6 fingers because a fairy tale has 6 key features and we will remember that by having a magical hand that has an extra finger! 


We will then try to identify the key features from a fairy tale that we read in class. We will focus on the Gingerbread Man. If you have another fairy tale at home you can use this. We will then use the hand template to write the features on each finger. For example, on the first finger we will write how The Gingerbread Man starts, on the second finger we will write the magical aspect (that he comes to life!), on the third finger we will write the good and the bad character etc. 


Have a go at home of drawing the hand with 6 fingers and labelling it with the key features of a fairy tale you enjoy to read at home.