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English Week 4: 25.01.2021

Monday 25th January: English Lesson.

LI: To use our imagination to explore the settings around us.

Tuesday 26th January: English Lesson.

LI: To create a story character.

Wednesday 27th January: English Lesson.

LI: To create a boxed up plan to help with our independent story writing.

Below is the boxed up plan template, they can use their previous sentences to help them and as always this does not need to be printed out. 

Thursday 28th January: Hot Task. 


Today's task for the children is to independently write a fairy tale from start to finish. I know that this is going to be tricky but all I want your children to do is to work hard and try their absolute best. 


Remind them that they can use their magical setting and character that they created at the start of the week if they want to, that there is five parts to a fairy tale; the opening, the build up, the problem, the solution and the happy ending and remind them about super sentences!


A super sentence is one that has full stops, finger spaces and capital letters. 


Good luck Year One, I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

A motivational message.

Good luck Year One!

Friday 29th January: English Lesson

Still image for this video
LI : To be able to form plurals using 's' and 'es'

Today you will need something to write with and a piece of paper. You might want to find a die from a board game to use in the video if you have one.