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English Week 5: 01.02.2021

For the next two weeks we are moving on from writing Fairy Tales to look at letter writing. 

Dear Queen Bonnie

Model Text Reading.

Monday 1st February: English Lesson. 


Today, we are going to be completing a letter writing cold task. 


A cold task is where we find out what the children already know about letter writing, so we can look at it in comparison to the end of topic hot task.


Pleasure ensure that this task your child's independent work. 

Cold Task Introduction.

LI: To write a letter to someone we are missing.

Tuesday 2nd February- English Lesson.

LI: To discuss and reflect on the model text.

In the below worksheet there is the same activity twice, however, the second version is there to support your child if they need a little bit more support with their sentence writing. 

Tuesday 2nd February's Worksheet.

Wednesday 3rd February: English Lesson.

LI: To create a boxed up letter writing plan.

Thursday 4th February- English Lesson

LI: To imagine Casper's party.

Friday 5th February: English Lesson

Still image for this video
LI: To use conjunctions in our writing.

You will need a pen or pencil. Please watch the English video and complete the activities on the video.