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Lockdown Titles


The Shrew with the Flu by Will Hamilton-Davies


Rustling under a leafy tree, A greedy shrew could hardly see... Shrew has spent his entire life using only one sense to hunt - his sense of smell. Until a horrible case of the flu forces him to make use of the rest of his senses. Once he hones the art of hunting - using more than just his nose - he can't help but gobble up every snack in sight. The question is, can Shrew restore the forest he so dearly loves?


The Shrew with The Flu is a wonderfully warm and endearing story by budding author Will Hamilton-Davies, created in partnership with illustrator Jennifer Davison. The combination of rhyming verse and rich, vibrant illustrations, makes this environmentally-themed story the perfect read-aloud for every family.


The Day the Virus Came by Simon Small


A short story set 60 years into the future. Grandad recounts the tale of when he was 10 years old. He tells of what happened "the day the virus came." His rhyming storytelling explores what that meant for him, his family, and the world, in a simple but evocative way. The story encourages children, parents, and teachers, to draw comparisons with aspects of their own lives during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. What might they remember about this time when they are older?It is ideal to read aloud to children because of its rhythmic and rhyming pattern, and repeated phrase.Simple photographs and graphics are used to support the ideas within the story, almost like snapshot images of fleeting memories past.





I ate Sunshine for Breakfast by Michael Holland


Winner of the Garden Media Guild Garden Book of the Year 2020

Funny and clever, with illustrations that are a feast for the eye. An instant classic - Sir Tim Smit KBE, co-founder of The Eden Project


Enter the incredible world of plants to learn about the green machines of the natural world. Using just the rays of the sun, trees and flowers help create everything from rubber to honey. Find out the powerful science going on in every leaf, petal and stem with vibrant illustrations that will make you look at plants in a whole new way.


From expert ecologist and educator Michael Holland, this illustrated compendium celebrates the plants in your life, from minty toothpaste to the floral names in your classroom. This comprehensive guide covers everything from the parts of a plant through to conservation, and also features DIY projects for young gardeners.