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Chère Classe 5,


It is the last remote lesson for French and the last lesson about music.

This week is about writing sentences including your opinions and conjunctions.


Watch the PowerPoint and follow it through.

You might need to write down what you understand (answers will be on the next slide) and to write down at least three sentences explaining your opinions and using conjunctions.


Make sure to bring all your work in when you come back as we need to stick everything in. This will also help us to assess your work later on this year.


Bonne chance !


M. Maillard

Mercredi 10 février 2021

Bonjour Classe 5,


Below you will find the French lesson.

Today, we will learn to explain WHY we like or don't like a type of music.

You will find a PowerPoint and a worksheet.

A little French fact to remind you about transports in Year 4.


Bonne chance !


M. Maillard





Bonjour Classe 5,

The French lesson this time will be a fairly short one.

If you have not done last week's lesson, only focus on it (you will find it below this lesson).

You will find a few conjunctions and a few sentences examples. The main goal is to use the sentences you wrote last week and link them with a conjunction.

May I remind you to keep all your French work so that whenever we are back, we can stick everything in our books. I will need that to give a comment on your French in June. Thanks.

Bonne chance !


Mr Maillard




Bonjour Classe 5,

As we have not done French for a while, this first French lesson is a reminder of what you have studied. You should have no problem to go through it.

*First go to the vocabulary PowerPoint.

*Afterwards, you have a few exercises. Answers are in the text under the pictures. You will need to highlight them so they can magically appear.

The First exercise if for you to try to find the instruments without any input, to see if you can recognise the words.

*You will find speaking and writing tasks to impress your parents.

*Lastly, you can see a few French facts.

Bonne chance! (Good luck!)

M. Maillard

Answer: bleu, blanc, rouge.

La Musique

Click on the PowerPoint below for the vocabulary:

(Highlight the hidden answers)

Exercise 2: 1F, 2D, 3E , 4B , 5C, 6A.

Exercise 3:  Likes: 7,  9, 10 -  Dislikes: 8, 11, 12


Try to say to your parent or your teacher which types of musics you like or dislike.

Ex: J'adore la musique rock.



Can you write your opinion for each type of music?

Ex: J'aime la musique pop, mais je n'aime pas la musique classique.