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Dear parents and carers, 


Thank you so much for your continued support throughout this challenging time as we have all had to adapt to a new way of working. Now, we will be returning to school on Monday and to some sort of normality which I think the children (and yourselves) are in much need of. Thank you for your patience, support and understanding as we have navigated through this process. 


I will not require the work completed at home to be brought in. However, there are a few items (if possible) that the children could bring in to support their work: 


- The Lenten wreath (For our class assembly)

- English: Word/vocabulary mat made on newspapers, the headlines they've created and their box plan. 


'Year 3 Walk 100km'

A reminder that we will be beginning our 'WALK 100KM' for charity on Monday 8th March and I will add more information and needed documents to the class page Monday so sponsorship can be organised. 


Thank you again. 


Kind Regards, 


Miss Jones, Mrs Ingleton and Mrs Dhitima. (Year 3 team)



Today, we will have an assembly at 2:30pm. We will announce star learner in Year 3 and listen to Mrs. Brown's thoughts of the week. 


It is the same link used for everything.