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Friday 15th May 2020

Daily Reading- 15.05.2020

Happy Friday Eagles! Today is another opportunity for you to explore Epic!, our new reading platform to see if there are any books on there you could engage with. Many of you have read some fascinating books, so I attach below our 'Book Review' template in order for you to complete a book review on your chosen book.

In addition, we have been learning about poetry this week in our English work. A 'poetry learning activity' is below to have a look at, if you get the time to do this. Can you place the rhyming words in the correct places in this famous Christmas poem with a twist? Good luck!



Times Table Rockstars- 15.05.2020

Some 'rock battles' of epic proportions over the coming couple of weeks! Can the Eagles defeat the Penguins? Can the Eagles girls defeat the Eagles boys?

You have around 'a week and a half' to try to see who wins. I hope I have moved some of your multiplication tables around a little so this should get you back on track with learning your times tables.

Click the image above- this will take you straight to TTRS! Good luck...


Spelling pattern to learn- 15.05.2020

Your spelling pattern from Monday was 'Adding –es to nouns and verbs ending in  –y'. It is now time to use the 'test button' on the website below to see how you get on. If you do not feel ready, just continue to practice- this is how you will improve!

Maths Learning- 15.05.2020

Friday Maths Challenge

Every Friday for the forseeable future, we are going to have a 'Maths Challenge' day. This is where you will be given a range of problems to try to complete, either individually or you can complete them with some help from Mum/ Dad/ Brother or Sister etc. The ones I would like Eagles class to complete is numbers 1-4, but you can try as many as you think you can complete. The resources for this are below.

In addition below, I have added some additional 'Maths Friday' challenges. These are on a range of different topics- good luck and have a great weekend!

English Learning- 15.05.2020

We are finishing our learning for this week on 'poetry'. I hope you have enjoyed looking at the different types of poems and observing the range of features which can be contained in a poem. Today, you are going to use the types of poems we have looked at this week to create one about the time we are 'living in at this moment'. This gives you a huge amount of flexibility around this- it could be a rhyming poem about being stuck indoors, an acrostic poem about a particular sport, a 'nonsense' poem about seeing your friends etc. If you click the image above, you will get chance to look at all of the different types of poems you could create once again (remember you only need to create one)...

Below are some useful resources to support you with your 'poetry writing' task as well. I would love for you to send me some of these in order that I can read them!

Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity


Today, for your PE based learning, you have a few options you can look at and try out. Remember, the guidance has changed, so a game of golf and tennis could now be played. Alternatively, you can try today:



Click the image above to take you to 'PE with Joe' or:



Click the image to take you to our latest IG Sports Coaching session or:


If you have a football mad youngster, click the link above to engage with the 'Train like the Pride' Home Workout materials. Have a restful weekend!