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Friday 15th May

Times Table Rockstars- 15.05.2020


Some 'rock battles' of epic proportions over the coming couple of weeks! Can the Eagles defeat the Penguins? Can the Penguins girls defeat the Penguins boys?

You have around 'a week and a half' to try to see who wins. I hope I have moved some of your multiplication tables around a little so this should get you back on track with learning your times tables.

Click the image above- this will take you straight to TTRS! Good luck...

Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity


Today, for your PE based learning, you have a few options you can look at and try out. Remember, the guidance has changed, so a game of golf and tennis could now be played. Alternatively, you can try today:




Click the image above to take you to 'PE with Joe' or:




Click the image to take you to our latest IG Sports Coaching session or:


If you have a football mad youngster, click the link above to engage with the 'Train like the Pride' Home Workout materials. Have a restful weekend!