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Friday 1st May 2020

Daily Reading- 01.05.2020

Continue your 'Recommended Reading' book for today if you have not finished yet for around 15- 20 minutes. If you have finished this, there are two challenges below to begin to look at and complete. Good luck!

  • Book Review- Whichever book you have read, or chose to read from our 'Recommended Reading List', please complete a book review for this on the proforma attached. Place this in your 'Remote Learning' book.
  • Book Challenge- Have a look at the 'book challenge proforma'. How many can you complete before you return to school?


Times Table Rockstars- 01.05.2020

I am currently trying to set up some battles and competitions for us. However, this is taking me some time. Today, you have 15-20 minutes to practice your times tables in preparation for this?

I will also be sending you all passwords and logins for a new game over the course of the next couple of days so watch your emails!


Spelling Pattern to Learn- 01.05.2020

This weeks spelling pattern to learn was The /r/ sound spelt wr at the beginning of words.  Remember, on a Friday, you need to complete the 'test' part on the website below.


Reading Skill Learning- 01.05.2020

Today, your reading skill Powerpoint is around 'Inference and Understanding'. Read through the slides and complete the activities attached. Some you might want to complete in your 'Remote Learning' book. The aim is to develop the skill of inference in your learning.

Maths Learning- 01.05.2020

Equivalent Fractions Revision

This will be your last revision session around 'Fractions' for this week before we learn something completely new next week. Do you remember what equivalent fractions are? Can you see them in the picture above? Click the picture to take you to today's learning. Watch the video and then go to:

Home Learning- Year 3- Week 2- Lesson 5- Equivalent Fractions (1)

Complete the activities and attached resources below. Remember- only between 45 minutes to 1 hour!


English Learning- 01.05.2020

Today, we are going to put some of our learning from this week into practice with a 'Fiction Friday'.  You are going to write the opening to a story based on this picture, using some of the resources I attach to help you. If you click on the picture, you will see where this image is from. This also gives you a story starter which you can magpie ideas from...

You may also want to have a look at some of the other activities here!

Things to consider:

- How can you create impact in your story starter?

- Can you use some prepositions or a prepositional phrase?

- What different sentence types can you include with a varied range of punctuation?

Afternoon Learning (PE)- 01.05.2020

It might be you want to start with a 'Joe Wicks' learning session in the morning? Alternatively, if you click the link above, it will take you to our next 'IG Sports Coaching' session. Good luck and enjoy...

Alternatively, head to the 'PE Remote Learning section'- there may be other ideas/learning there that you want to have a go at...