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Today we are writing continuing the BFG recount as a class but we will work on it section by section. This is the section you are writing in your own words today:


At about 10 o'clock, I heard a loud bang come from the orphanage window, so hesitantly, I tiptoed over. I felt extremely worried! What if a human being had seen me? I nervously peered into the room but it was pitch black so I couldn't see a thing. However, I suddenly saw the duvet shivering frantically and a little girl's eyes were peeping cautiously from under it. She was staring right at me! In fear, I quickly thrusted my arm through the window and snatched her. She let out a piercing scream, so I wrapped her up in her blanket like a present.


Resources to use:

1. Box Plan you have created

2 Setting description you have created


Success Criteria:


1. Time conjunctions (Next, then, after that)

2. First person (I, me, my)

3. Past tense (ran, leapt, sprinted etc)

4.Commas in a list (green, luscious and vast meadow)

5. Expanded noun phrases (The tall trees)



Jesus is Baptized by John

Baptism: A Bible Story for Children