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Friday 22nd May 2020

Daily Reading- 22.05.2020

After half term, with you all not back at school just yet, watch this space for some of my daily readings. I am going to try to bring some of these to you 'live' if I can, so that you can listen in and read alongside me. I will be trying to put together some basic activities which I can bring to you 'live', just to give your parents a little bit of a hand!

For today, spend 10- 15 minutes reading your 'Recommended Reading' book. There is another activity for you to try below as well- can you find and correct all of the mistakes in my work? Good luck...


Prodigy Maths/ Times Table Rockstars- 22.05.2020

You have a choice today about which one of these to play for 15-20 minutes. A reminder, I will be changing times tables for all after this week to get you focusing on some of these in more depth! There is also competitions running on Times Table Rockstars. Over half term, I will be looking at these more thoroughly, so it's a really good chance to boost your stats before this point. 


Spelling Pattern to Learn- 22.05.2020

This weeks spelling pattern for the Eagles class was 'Homophones and near-homophones'.  Explore the resources below to practise these. You might feel confident enough to have a try of our test- good luck!

Maths Learning- 22.05.2020

Friday Maths Challenge

Today is our 'Funday Friday' Maths Challenges. Attached below are some problems for you to have a try at. Your family members can support you with this so that you are learning Maths together. For Year 3, the questions you need to try to answer are questions 1, 2, 3 and 4. I have attached some additional challenge work too which I hope will get you thinking about your reasoning and problem solving skills in a bit more depth. Good luck explorers!

By clicking the image above, you can watch a video which will kick you off on one of the activities below...

English Learning- 22.05.2020

This week we have been looking at myths, in particular Greek ones. We have also been looking at one character in particular. Who was he? That's correct- this was our character...

King Midas! We learnt about his donkey ears and the myth about 'King Midas and the Golden Touch'... (if you have forgotten it just click on King Midas again to watch a version of the story). It is a different version- is it similar or quite different to the previous versions?


Now click on the writing image above- this is a modern day version, in my opinion, of the 'King Midas and The Golden Touch' story. Have you ever seen this advert before?  Below, is also a different version of the 'King Midas' myth- this one has been slightly modernised:


Your challenge for today is to write a narrative about having 'The Midas Touch' deciding what everything turned to when you touched it and describing the consequences. However, I want you to almost make this a 'modern day myth'. Some of the resources below I hope will help you with that...

If you do not finish it all today, perhaps just writing the opening for it. Alternatively, you could write finish it over half term?

Afternoon Learning (Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity)- 22.05.2020


I have learnt to love this website in 'lockdown' as it is a really good way of learning PE related skills by yourself. However, after half term, I hope to be able to bring you some activities 'live' from in school- not every lesson, but PE related learning on a regular basis which you can learn based around different sports!

For the time being, click the link above to go to our latest lesson in the IG series and see what your learning is today...