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Friday 22nd May

Daily Reading- 22.05.2020

After half term, with you all not back at school just yet, watch this space for some of my daily readings. I am going to try to bring some of these to you 'live' if I can, so that you can listen in and read alongside me. I will be trying to put together some basic activities which I can bring to you 'live', just to give your parents a little bit of a hand!

For today, spend 10- 15 minutes reading your 'Recommended Reading' book. There is another activity for you to try below as well- can you find and correct all of the mistakes in my work? Good luck...

Afternoon Learning (Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity)- 22.05.2020

I have learnt to love this website in 'lockdown' as it is a really good way of learning PE related skills by yourself. However, after half term, I hope to be able to bring you some activities 'live' from in school- not every lesson, but PE related learning on a regular basis which you can learn based around different sports!

For the time being, click the link above to go to our latest lesson in the IG series and see what your learning is today...