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Friday 24th April 2020

Daily Reading- 24.04.2020

Today, I would like you to continue to read your 'Recommended Reading List' book. It would be lovely to hear from you and see what you are reading, how you are getting on with it and what the story is about. At the end of next week, I will give you a 'Book Review' template to complete on this book in the hope that you will have finished it by next Friday.  Good luck with your reading of your book! I would spend about 15-20 minutes reading this.

Alternatively, have you seen this:


David Walliams has a new book out! Have you heard about David Walliams' Elevenses? This is him reading excerpts or chapters of some parts of his most famous books. Click the picture of his new book above and you can listen to him reading some of this! This is something for all of the family to listen too- Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister. Enjoy!

In addition, below is your last '60 Second Read' for this week around the 'Sport Theme' attached as part of the documents- you can do this but only if you get time- please just try 1 or 2 of these activities.


If you completed the 'Children's Books Emoji Pictionary', the answers are below as well! Enjoy your reading for today...


Times Table Rockstars- 24.04.2020


This is your last chance of the week to make our TTRS leaderboard which I will place onto the website over the weekend. I am checking all of your progress on the system and will be updating your times tables to work on, making sure you can access all of them.  Next week, we will look at setting up interactive battles for you all to take part in to add some additional competition for everyone. Enjoy learning!


Spelling Pattern to Learn- 24.04.2020

The spelling pattern you learnt on Monday was the /s/ sound spelt c before e, i and y. Today, I would like you to go onto 'Spelling Frame' (website attached below) and complete the 'Practice/ Test' part of this webpage. Each week, you should fall into this pattern, completing the other activities on the Monday, leaving the 'Practice/ Test' part until the Friday. There are a couple of other websites below so that you can continue to practise this spelling pattern today. Good luck!

Maths Learning- 24.04.2020

Fractions on a Number Line (Revision Learning)

For todays learning, we will be revising a topic from before, rather than moving onto something new. I have chosen to revise 'Fractions on a Number Line' as our topic for today. Next week, we will start a new 'Remote Learning Maths' topic. Just have a go at some of the resources and activities- do not worry if you get them wrong or are not sure- we can practice them when we return.

Click on the picture above- this will take you to a Maths website called 'Learn Zillion'. It is an American website but I really enjoy watching the videos and trying to develop my fraction based learning. The other resources to try are below...good luck!

English Learning- 24.04.2020


Today, we are going back to our 'Fantastic Mr Fox' learning from the beginning of the week. I recognise that some of you may never have read the story but just give it the best go you can! It is all about you writing, developing your writing and thinking about what you can use in your writing! Attached are the resources you need for todays lesson- I have also included some key resources from the past few days!

This lesson will span across two days, allowing children to attempt to write a story. Therefore, these are the same resources as yesterday!

This is not because 'Mr Burchett is lazy!' but because if your learning is only lasting for 45 minutes in English each day, then you will need two days to write a decent story in this style.

Good luck and if you have any questions- email me! I will attempt to respond promptly however the inbox is filling up!


For those who completed their story yesterday, today is about using the additional resources provided to 'up-level' your story writing. This will make your writing an even better piece than it was before!

Afternoon Learning- Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity (24.04.2020)


Today, I have included (if you click the picture above) Lesson 3 from a company called 'IG Sports Coaching'. I really enjoy watching their 'Remote Learning' lessons and think they are fun activities to do if you have some really sporty children! In addition, I have updated the 'Remote PE Learning' area for the Eagles Class, with some interesting resources.


Currently, I am addicted to an application called 'Strava' on my phone. Perhaps you could download this for your child and go out for a walk, run or cycle (there are a lot of added benefits to the application as it helps them with their Maths). It looks similar to the image below: