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Friday 26th June 2020

Daily Reading- 26.06.2020


The expectation is, this week, that you spend 15 minutes reading from Epic! or from your reading book. I know many of you are engaging very well with this! Attached to this page however are short tasks you could look to complete in addition to this time to get you away from your screens. Too much time is not good for you! Good luck with these...

Maths Learning (26.06.2020)

Friday 'Funday' Maths Challenge...

This will be our last 'Friday Funday' Maths Challenge based on our learning from the week...

I will explain why I have changed this in next weeks edition!

In the meantime, we have been learning this week about different types of angles and lines, so our 'Friday theme' is exactly that...


There are resources, games and activities to engage with below. To start your learning for today, click on the image above! Good luck Eagles and I hope you find these present as some excellent learning opportunities for you...

English Learning (26.06.2020)

Writing our 'Gorilla' Sequel

Yesterday, you had an opportunity to plan your opening to your 'sequel' of 'The Gorilla'. Today, you are going to write this introduction. It would be lovely if you could share some of these with me, just so I can see how your writing is progressing. Here is Mr Burchett's Sequel Example:


Hannah was a shy, timid individual; she never said much, never wanted for anything and rarely became angry or frustrated. Until her last birthday, she felt like she needed to act this way- she felt a very lonely child, a very unloved child in her eyes.


However, a day had changed her life and from that day forwards, she always said to herself that she was going to be positive. It had been the day of her seventh birthday when 'The Gorilla' had come into her life. This day though was much more than about a gorilla (her favourite animal) but more about the relationship she had built with her father.  She did not know what had changed on that day, but what she did know was that it had made her life much, much better. She put it all down to a magic 'the gorilla' she had met had created.  Before this, her father never did anything with her- now, they would go out at least once a week, sometimes twice. They would venture out for dinner, watch movies at the cinema, build sandcastles on the beach. All of those things that Hannah saw other families doing, she now did with her Dad!

It was the day before her eighth birthday when her Dad asked her, "Hannah- where would you like to go for your birthday this year?"

I imagine you guessed where she wanted to go- where do you think? It was her most special place, and with a gleeful smile Hannah stated,

"The zoo Dad- please can we go to the zoo?"

Hannah loved the zoo. Tigers, lions, giraffes, antelopes. Nothing though could beat her favourite animal- can you guess what it is? Of course you can!


However, on approaching the zoo, Hannah would make a strange discovery which would change her day for the worse...


I have decided to leave my introduction/ opening on a bit of a 'cliffhanger' this time- why do you think I have decided to do this?


It is to get you thinking/ imagining what the next part might be and to leave you guessing! Can you predict how my story continues?


The attached resources will also help you in writing your opening before we move onto a new book next week! We will continue to learn about Anthony Browne for one more week, however this time will look at a 'wordless story'...

Afternoon Learning (26.06.2020)- Physical Education

Celebrity Supply Teachers

Today, Mr Burchett will not be providing your 'Remote Learning'. Instead, you have two famous faces to keep you 'up to scratch' with your PE and School Sport. Do you know the famous faces below? Click on their images which will take you to their supply lessons...



It would be lovely to see some photos of you undertaking these PE sessions too...


In addition, at school each day, the children have been taking part in their 'Joe Wicks' sessions! Maybe you want to try one from the selection by clicking on his image below.