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Friday 27th March 2020

27.03.2020- Daily Reading and Reading Skill Learning

Today is an opportunity to really practice your reading of your book.  It has been great to see children sending in photos of unique reading places as well as the books they have read so far. Some of these will be uploaded over the weekend. To get yours in and onto the website, please email by Friday please.  If you would like some additional reading and question practice, have a look at some of the resources below.


27.03.2020- Times Table Rockstars

An opportunity to really use the programme and improve your times tables understanding.  Our leaderboard will go live over the weekend so please get practicing! I will also review this over the weekend so please try to get your stats up today...

27.03.2020- Do you want to improve your understanding of finding fractions of amounts?

Spend some time using this game today, as it will really help you in this area...

Spelling Pattern- Words ending in 'il'

Have a look at the spelling list below you were set on Monday. Can you think of any other -il words you could add to the list. Then, complete the spelling sheet, writing your words in the weekly spellings box.  Try to use this approach to help you in practising these spellings:


Look- Write down the word and look at it.

Say- Say the word out loud to yourself.

Cover- Cover the word so you cannot see it.

Write- Write what you saw- can you remember the spelling?

Check- Self-check to see if you are correct.


27.03.2020- Spelling Pattern- 'Words Ending in -il'

27.03.2020- Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity Session

I am sure many of you will have been undertaking the Joe Wicks morning PE sessions. This is excellent to hear and, once again, photographs of this are greatly appreciated. However, I also want you to have a weekly dedicated PE slot in order to improve those PE related skills.  Over the course of our time away from school, I have found a brilliant alternative PE session from a company called IG Sports. Click the link below to get to the video and good luck with your session! Any photos greatly appreciated- it is also a great way for me to see which of you are really engaging in these learning materials.


27.03.2020- Continue writing your incredible 'Year 3 Myth'

Yesterday, you should have written a fantastic opening for your Yer 3 myth. You could have tried to write this as a Roman myth, however the main idea is that you were using some of the features of a myth you have learnt about so far. For today and the remainder of next week, we are going to look at perfecting this myth so that it is your best piece of possible writing. Remember, you do not need to have a finished myth to make it fantastic!


Mr Burchett's Helpful Myth Busting Tips

  • Most of the time, less is more. I would rather have two paragraphs of excellent writing than two pages of a story with no real story, none of the features that we have looked at, lots of missing punctuation and no engaging adjectives.
  • If Mum/ Dad/ Brother/ Sister are able to help you, use their expertise. They may have words you could 'magpie' to help you. If in doubt, use the work of others to help you. Click on the Class Page and find ideas out from learning from the previous days.
  • Use the resources you have available to assist you. Use your book as a log for your thoughts of the week and take bits of writing from there. Use a thesaurus or dictionary, for example, as additional resources.
  • Try not to be too repetitive- experiment and explore different ways of starting a sentence and sentence structures.
  • Remember the simple parts- capital letters, full stops etc. After writing your work, go back and be accurate with your punctuation.
  • Remember, it is only a first draft. We will build on this later on next week and you will make massive improvements!
  • Be creative- use fronted adverbials, a range of adjectives, more complex punctuation to engage the reader and develop your writing.


Some of the resources below are bound to help you so good luck! Complete your 'first draft' of this in your Remote Learning book ready to develop and expand upon next week. Use your handwriting pen or pencil- this will work one elements of handwriting and spelling too.