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Friday 3rd July 2020

Daily Reading/Times Table Rockstars/ Prodigy Maths- 03.07.2020


A reminder that in class we are reading 'Fantastic Mr Fox'. We are aiming to get this book finished by next week and as a team read one more! Today is a really good chance for some 'Prodigy Maths' and TTRS learning too. I have updated some parts of these as well for you. In addition, attached are some Times Table Games and a Reading Challenge for you to work on...

Maths Learning- 03.07.2020

Using a.m and p.m

With now having our 'Year 3 Bubble' and with teaching blocks/ units of work again to the children, for the last few weeks of term I am removing the 'Friday Maths Challenges' for a time and letting the children in Year 3 that our Remote Learning run with the same lessons as we are currently undertaking in class. We are a little behind you at home and will probably get onto this lesson on 'Using a.m and p.m' next week. Click the image above to watch the video on 'using a.m and p.m'.


Then, have a think about my key questions below:

Key Questions

  • What does a.m and p.m mean in 'time'? Why is it important to understand what these mean?
  • What is an analogue clock? What is a digital clock? Can we see a.m. or p.m. on these?
  • How do we know whether it is the a.m. or the p.m. then?


Once you have considered the questions and watched the video, have a try at some of my learning opportunities below- good luck Remote Eagles...

English Learning- 03.07.2020

Ask questions to improve our understanding

The children have loved learning about our book 'Voices in the Park' this week. So much so, and it has developed such fabulous ideas and writing that, as a class, we are going to continue reading it into next week. I still think there are an incredible number of unique ideas we can plan in for this, moving forward...

I always think with this book there is something you learn which is different each time. Watch the videos of the book below- you will need to particularly for Task 1 today...



By clicking on the second image above, a really good interactive version of the story is accessible for children, inspired by Kingston University...


Task 1: All of this week in class, the children have been noticing the unusual things going on in the background of the pictures. Consider these questions:

  • Why do you think Anthony Browne has chosen to illustrate these parts into the text?
  • What do you think he is trying to show us?
  • Can you explore these interpretations in some more detail?


Could you write down everything you see in the backgrounds of the pictures you would class as being 'unique and different'? Pick a couple of examples- why do you think Anthony Browne has chosen to put them in there?


We are now going to move onto the main body of our lesson about 'asking questions'. Click the image at the top of the page to begin your journey.


For today, we are going to concentrate on the '2nd voice'. Who is the second voice? Read the learning material below again.


Task 2: Using the 'hand template', write one question for each finger you would like to ask Smudge's dad. Why did you choose this question?

 Now, reread the Second voice pausing to look more closely at the way the pictures and words tell the story. Invite your child to talk about the things they notice and find interesting and allow for full discussion. Guide the discussion if you have the time...


Some key questions could be:

 Who is telling this story? How do you know?

 What can we tell about the father from:  The way he is dressed?  His body language?  His speech?  The way he speaks to Smudge?

 Is there anything else in the pictures that give information about the father’s character? E.g. How does he feel about Smudge? 


Task 3: Place the two ‘walking past the wall’ pictures side by side. On the way to the park the dad is feeling low and the picture reflects that; on the way home he has been cheered by the visit and so the same scene has signs of hope drawn into the picture.  What is the same about the two illustrations?  What is different?  Why? 
Children then write words/phrases to describe how the father is feeling in each picture (one colour for each picture) in their 'Remote Learning' book.


Finally today, if you get time, have a go at my:

(we are behind you in class but we are going to do all of these)...


Quick Write Task: Based on what you have learnt about Dad, the second voice today, could you re-tell his 'voice' from a third person point of view? Here is the start of my attempt- think about why Anthony Browne writes in the 'first person' afterwards...


Mr Smith needed to leave his house. He had been sitting on the same, tatty, second hand sofa for the majority of the day and, having not had a shower, he was starting to smell. In fact, the only time he had really left the sofa all day, was to get a cup of tea and make his lunch. He never had many good days anymore- everyday was the same: get up, eat, go to sleep...


This could not be good for his daughter, Smudge. Living in a block of flats in the centre of London could be claustrophobic. She had to spend most of the time in her room- unfortunately, he knew that she much preferred being at her Mum's, where life was very different. To make matters worse, Mr Smith had recently lost his job. He had a good heart though and, at this moment, he knew he had to stop feeling sorry for himself.


"Smudge, Smudge" he called politely. "D'you fancy a walk to the park?"...



Spelling Pattern Learning- 03.07.2020

On Monday, we started to learn the spelling pattern The /s/ sound spelt c before e, i and y. Some of these patterns we are now working on and revising- others which will be upcoming we may never have seen before. Click the image above to take you to a video about that pattern. Then, have a try of the learning activities below...

Afternoon Learning (PE)- 03.07.2020

Many of you this afternoon, I am sure, will be able to undertake some PE related activity at home (I think the weather is supposed to be okay). At school, we will be undertaking some PE related learning activities and games as well.


Click the image above to take you to a PE session though you could try and see how you get on...