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Friday 8th January 2021 Resources

Reading something different/ a different place to read...

There can be no questioning the importance of reading (see the image above to put it in perspective). It can be reading a cookery book, a pokemon card, a street sign, a magazine etc but it is all reading. Many of you will have received reading books from Father Christmas- read and enjoy them!

But for a classroom display, can you think of a funny place or a place of interest where you could read for 15-20 minutes? Could it be in your bath, in your treehouse, upside down etc. Take a photograph of you, send it into Mr Burchett and then we can place the photograph on display. Better still, could you do it with your favourite book and tell me why it is your favourite...

Short Thinking Exercises and Activities for the Week

Click the Powerpoint below to really get you 'thinking'- perhaps you could share your thinking with your family around these topics. Why is it good to think?

Flipchart Resources for Friday 8th January (am)

Maths Learning- Develop 3x table understanding

In our last 'Virtual Zoom session' of the week, we are going to see how strong you are at multiplying and dividing using the 3x tables. I hope I really get you thinking today! The resources below will prepare you for our 'Live Session'...

Good luck '3x table explorers'...

3 Times Table Song (Learning is Fun The Todd & Ziggy Way!)

Aut3.11.3 - The 3 times-table

Still need some help with your 3x tables learning? This video should help you here...

Spelling Learning- To practise short /i/ spelt using y

Do you remember on Monday how we practised this spelling pattern? Today, we are going to finish our learning practising this spelling pattern in our 'Live Session'. The resources below will help you to prepare for this learning further and help you out more with this pattern...

English Learning- To prepare a writing piece

In our live session today, we are going to continue to learn about 'Escape from Pompeii'. I am really looking forward to learning about this again with you! The resources below will support you in order to develop the writing you produce...

Afternoon Learning- Physical Education and Sport

We all know how important Physical Education and sporting activity is for so many different reasons. Can you think of any? While I have spoken to a lot of you and heard you have been walking, running, scootering, biking etc and with the children in class having a PE session this week, I wanted to make sure you all had at least one PE session each week (this could be up to two hours in length!)

Below are the resources which will help you in this area for this week. I have used a range of different websites and you might want to try some or all of the activities to improve your sporting prowess! Good luck sports superstars!

25 Minute STABILITY - Yoga Against the Dark Arts

In this video we will be doing a 25 minute Yoga Against the Dark Arts Flow focusing on STABILITY.It is supposed to be relaxing, stabilizing, sweaty and magic...

Home PE lesson 1- IG Sports Coaching

Our first home PE session for children Primary school aged children.

SEFA At Home | 1v1 skills and ball protection | Kieran Culleton

For this session you will need a space of around 5x5, 5 cones or markers and a football.