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Guided Reading

This page is dedicated to our guided reading books and some challenges that are based around those texts. 



This weeks text: Eva's Imagination
By: Wenda Shurety and Karen Erasmus


Eva's Imagination Reading

In order to complete the following sessions below please watch the reading of the book back as it will help your child with the activities. . 


Guided Reading Session One (Monday)

Guided Reading Session 2 (Tuesday)

Guided Reading Session 3 (Wednesday)

Guided Reading Session 4 (Thursday)

Remember to watch the reading of Eva's Imagination back to answer the questions!

Below is the previous weekly texts read by Miss Packer.

All Join In- By Quentin Blake

In order to do the challenges that will be set in the following videos below you can watch this video clip as many times as you would like to help out!

If the video is not displaying above, below is a link that you can follow to watch the same video.