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If your child has completed all of the homework and you would like to extend them further, here are a few ideas:


Play board games with your child. Board games are a great way to count and add in fun ways, share and learn rules. 


Share enjoyment over story books - Can they retell stories in their own words, predict what might happen, explain how key characters are feeling?


Look at the news with your child - have you ever had a family debate? Does your child know how to debate? Can they build upon others views, agree or disagree, listen and take turns?


Go on a nature walk observe what happens in each season, question why things happen, show curiosity to the every changing world. 


Cook meals with your child, discuss what happens when you heat certain liquids or solids, read the recipe, measure the ingredients and discuss where that food was grown. This links to science, English, Maths and Geography.


Homework is one part of supporting your child in school. 


Personal Care

Can your child do their coat up without any help?

Does your child know how to tie their own shoe laces?

Can your child tie their own tie?

Do they know how to wash their hands well?

Can they take their own earrings out if needed on a PE day?