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Maths Learning- 13.05.2020

Lesson 3 - Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa

Click the image above which will take you to todays learning. Yesterday, you looked at equal fractions. Today, you will be looking at making fractions equal, but these fractions will be larger than one whole...

Questions to discuss:

  • What is an improper fraction? What is the same and what is different between an improper fraction and a mixed number?
  • Can you draw this out for me?
  • Where do we use improper fractions/ mixed numbers in real life?


Once you have clicked the image above, go to:

Home Learning- Year 5- Summer Term- Week 4- Lesson 3

After watching the video, have a go at some of the learning materials below. WRM have made their worksheets part of their 'Premium Resources' so we are looking into membership, but are substituting in other resources temporarily.