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Prodigy Maths/ Times Table Rockstars- 22.05.2020

Today, I would like you to spend 15-20 minutes playing either one of these. Remember, you have challenges set of 'Time Table Rockstars'. However, Prodigy Maths looks at a wider variety of Maths related skills. If you do anything today, please look back to yesterday where I asked you to link your 'Prodigy Maths' account to my link. I will be looking at these in more detail over the half term break, so a last chance to boost that points tally...

Maths Learning- 22.05.2020

Friday Maths Challenge

Today, we are going to be having our 'Funday Friday' in Maths, where we look at a wide range of problems to solve. Below are just some of these- for the White Rose Maths problems, you only need to look at and have a try at questions 1-5. This is to look at really developing your reasoning and problem solving skills, so it might not always be completely related to the learning we have been undertaking this week.

To start off today, click the image above and watch the video. This will look at some of the problems you might be faced with. Then, explore the resources below and try to solve...