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Times Table Rockstars/ Prodigy Maths- 01.06.2020


A chance for you to update your stats on one of these programmes today- will you make it onto the class leaderboard?

Maths Learning- 01.06.2020

Lesson 1 - Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers

Good morning Penguins and welcome back to Term 5! Today, we are continuing from where we left off before our half term break, and we will be looking at multiplying unit and non unit fractions by whole numbers, and how we do this. Click the image above to watch your first video of the day. From here, navigate to:

Home Learning- Year 5- Summer Term- Week 6- Lesson 1

After you watch the video, have a try at some of the learning listed below to meet this learning intention. Remember to spend 45 minutes on this learning. Try to complete this as independently as you can and just do your best!