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Maths Learning (09.06.2020)

Lesson 2 - Understand thousandths

Yesterday, we looked at how fractions and decimals can be the same (equivalent). Today, we are going to look at how we read numbers in the thousandths column.


Key Questions:

  • Show children some numbers (some of the examples I have). Can they read them? Can they point which number is the ones number, the tenths column, the hundredths column and the thousandths column?
  • If numbers do not have the same number of decimal places, how can you tell which one is larger?


Click the image above- this will take you to the webpage and watch the video under:

Home Learning- Year 5- Summer Term- Week 7- Lesson 2

Once you have watched the video to set your learning off, have a try at some of my learning games, videos and activities below- I hope this gets you understanding thousandths in more detail...