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Maths Learning- 10.06.2020

Lesson 3 - Rounding decimals

Today, we are going to continue our learning about decimals. On Monday, we looked at how decimals and fractions could be equal. On Tuesday, we tried to understand thousandths. Today, look at the image above- this will help you to see how we round decimals! I know you have undertaken some of this learning before, so some of this will just be a recap for many of you with some new, extension learning to keep with our 'learning theme'...

Key Questions:

  • Why can rounding be tricky? What 'top tips' do you know for rounding?
  • Can you think of an example in 'real life' where we might need to round? What is rounding very similar to?


To explore further, click on the image above and go to:

Home Learning- Year 5- Summer Term- Week 7- Lesson 3


Watch the video on 'rounding decimals' and then explore the learning opportunities below. By the end of today, will you become a 'master' at rounding decimals?