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Times Table Rockstars/ Prodigy Maths Learning


You have a choice today of which game you would like to play! For Prodigy Maths, your questions from next week and beyond will be targeted, so this will be your last opportunity to play with the entirety of the game open! By targeting your Maths, it means we can work on specific areas linked to the Year 3 curriculum. For TTRS, I have now updated the times tables you are able to access, so good luck exploring!


Maths Learning- 12.06.2020

Friday Maths Challenge

Today is our 'Friday Funday Maths Challenge'. This week we have been learning about decimals mainly so there will be some problems and activities thrown in about decimals too in order to practise your skills. For a 'rapid recap' on some elements of your decimal learning, click the cup above. If not, explore the resources below and good luck with your Maths learning for today!


Remember, this challenge can be completed with family members so that you can explore the Maths involved as a team...