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Maths Learning- 17.06.2020

Read and interpret line graphs

For the next two days this week, we are going to change our focus away from fractions, decimals and percentages in order to look at some 'data based' learning. This is an area of Maths we need to touch on every year! Click the image above to watch the video and then have a think about the key questions below:

Key Questions:

  • What graphs/ charts/ tables do you know? How do they look the same/ different?
  • What data can you hold in them? How is a bar graph/ different to a line graph?
  • Can you think of any examples, or find some examples, of how data can be created on a line graph?


Then, once you have watched and engaged in all of the above, have a try of our activities, games and learning material below to see if you can meet the learning intention...Good luck Penguins!