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Maths Learning- 29.06.2020

Lesson 1 - Measure with a protractor


This week, we are going to be developing our learning about 'angles'. For our first session, we are going to work on measuring with a protractor. Some of you might not have protractors at home however there are some resources below which may help you and allow you to take a strong, active part in the session. Click the image above to watch our first learning video of the week. You should go to:

Home Learning- Year 5- Summer Term- Week 10- Lesson 1

Consider my key questions too:

Key Questions:

  • What is a protractor? What does it help us to measure?
  • How can you tell whether to use the inside or the outside scale? Where should the 'vertex' be when you are measuring the angle?
  • What important angles can you see on this protractor?


Once you have looked at my key questions and watched the video, have a go and explore some of the learning opportunities below...