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Maths Learning- 03.07.2020

Friday Funday Maths Challenges

This week, we have been exploring angles and learning more about the 'world of angles'. Some of your Maths challenges today will support your understanding of this- others will just help you out in other areas to think, problem solve and reason. Click the image above to start this lesson off. Then, have a think about some of my key questions below:

Key Questions

  • What angles do you know about? Do you know any properties of these angles?
  • Where do we explore angles in our 'everyday world'?
  • Angles on a straight line- what do they add up to? How could we find the missing angle?
  • Angles around a point- what should they add up to? How can we find the missing angle?


Good luck on engaging with the other learning opportunities (below) which I have presented for you today...



For the White Rose Maths challenges, I only expect you to complete questions 1-5...