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Days of the week - Adam's Family (Dr. Jean)

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Calendars for Kids - Months and Days

Calendars for Kids - Months and Days easy resource video! In this video you will learn all about our Calendars, Months, and Days. In this video we talk about...

Days in the Months Song

This song teaches the number of days in each month. This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video by KidsTV123. Copyright 2011 A.J.Jenkins/KidsT...

Create your own clocks outside! Find sticks for the hands. Remember which hand is longer!

Bingley Challenge


For the next few weeks (15.6.20 onwards) we will be learning about the value of the different coins and notes. We will be using our knowledge of place value, with how many tens and ones are in a given amount. 

Please try and learn practically too. Play pretend shops, work out amounts and give the correct change. 


White rose planning - money

Extra resources added 22.6.20

Your multiplying and dividing skills.

This week 8.6.20 we are focusing on what makes a half and what makes a quarter. 

Our Stem sentence for a half (definition): A half is one part of two equal parts that make a whole. - Please encourage you child to say this when seeing it!


Our Stem sentence for a quarter: A quarter is one part of four equal parts that make a whole.




White rose planning for fractions

Halves - 1.6.22020 - 2.6.2020 --Flipcharts and resources I will be using in the classroom (Please note that the flipchart had to become a pdf for home learning use)

Word problem lesson with activities attached - Quarters - Added 8.6.20

Using the fraction whole part model: You could use beans, rice, coins etc and share them equally in to the four parts to find a quarter of an amount.