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LI: to be able to multiply 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers


Today I have attached 2 videos.  One is the teaching lesson with the PPT as normal.  Within this video I say that I am going to pause the tape to show you an example on a whiteboard.  At this point you need to pause the video and watch the second video (I apologise that this is slightly jittery as it was my first attempt!).  This one goes through the example question, but as I would normally model to you in class to hopefully help you understand the steps to work out the calculation.


Please let me know if this helps so I can adapt my lessons and include more examples like this.


Also I have made a mistake with the Problem Solving so ignore that part of the video (it is for yesterday's work instead).  I have attached different problem solving for today.


The Problem Solving goes up in order of challenge so the first page is simpler and then it gets more challenging by page 3.  Please choose the page which you feel is suitable for you.

Multiplying 4-digits by 2-digits

4145 x 52 (Example Calculation)