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Meet the Teacher


This will be an opportunity for parents

  • To get to know the staff who will work with their child this year
    • Hi I am Mrs Tyler also Mrs Hind and morning with Mrs Lawrence
  • To familiarise themselves with the class expectations
    • Read class laws
    • 3 reads a week minimum.
    • Times tables in Year 4 and the national test.
    • Has to re-earn their pen licences
  • To understand the behaviour policy and the school rules
    • Any questions on the traffic lights, no superstar in year 4 bonus dojos, 15 dojos for golden time
    • Children on red miss 10 min of playtime, can stay if it is the end of the session
    • Children can work up, two reds in a week means a call home
    • Thundercloud is SLT call home
  • To learn about the homework arrangements
    • Reading with a child and listening to your child read is always encouraged! Developing readers need this support.  Minimum 20 minutes three times a week Adults to sign reading record otherwise break times is missed
    •  To ensure good comprehension skills, children should also be asked questions about the text and be able to answer these questions independently.
    •  A Maths task will be set weekly in order to consolidate learning from the week.
    • Times tables practice as detailed.
    • Spellings will be set on a weekly basis (Friday to Friday)
  • To gain an overview of the curriculum
    • Vikings, Ashford, Shang Dynastic, Revolting Rhymes, Wacky Walliams – refer to is