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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Senior Mental Health First Aider 

Mrs Anna Kerr, Pastoral Support Manager

What does a Mental Health First Aider do?


  • watch for the early signs of a mental health problem 
  • guide and encourage someone towards the right support
  • help someone recover faster
  • provide help on a first aid basis



Fantastic FRED comes to St.Teresa's!  This is a resource targeted at delivering preventative mental health education in schools for children in reception and Years 1 to 6.  It is specifically designed to inform, equip and build resilience with simple, memorable and practical ways that young children can look after their mental health.  

Mental Health Resources and Information

Mind Fitness


Evidence suggests that incidents of mental health problems are increasing in children, with 1 in 10 children aged 5-16 experiencing a mental health problem. This is equivalent to about 3 children in every class.  In response to these statistics West Kent Mind have created MH4 Schools.  The project trains staff in Mental Health First Aid and the Mind Fitness programme, along with other training.


Key outcomes from the Mind Fitness programme are:


  • Our Mind Fitness trained staff will have an understanding of the 6 ways to wellbeing and, using the session plans provided by West Kent Mind and MH4 Schools, will support pupils in learning and speaking about mental health and wellbeing
  • Mind Fitness sessions will help to reduce stigma and discrimination within our school
  • Staff/Pupils will have a greater understanding of their own and others mental health
  • Staff/Pupils will feel more comfortable talking about mental health
  • Pupils will know who to talk to in our school i.e. class teachers, teaching assistants, the Mental Health First Aider, if they are worried about themselves or their friends
  • Create a sustainable culture change and ensure our whole school has increased mental health resilience and literacy


Ask your children about the Mind Fitness classes at St.Teresa's