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MFL- French

Bastille Day 2021

This year, each class celebrated a French artist:

*Our Otters used Seurat’s pointillist sytle to create their own masterpieces. I wonder if Gustave Eiffel was as happy with his work as our YrR tower engineers.

*The Bees were inspired by Rodin’s sculptures.

*The Zebras enjoyed Le chocolat chaud with croissants before painting their own design of wallpaper in the style of Claire Basler.

* Yr3 used finger painting to recreate Monet’s Water Lily Pond

* The Eagles learnt Pétanque and were inspired to paint in the style of Renoir.

*The Butterflies gave us the summer vibe with their Gaugin inspired paintings.

Towards the end of the day, all classes set up an outdoor French Art Exhibition, which was
then visited by all other classes over the next hour. The children really enjoyed seeing the
creations from the other classes and receiving an explanation about what they had been doing
for Bastille day.


During the day, children watched videos of other classes performing French Songs.

Bastille Day 2019

Pupils performed the French songs they learned and they participated in an Eiffel Tower competition - who could build the best tower!