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Monday 11th May

Daily Reading- 11.05.2020

Good morning Penguins! I hope you are all safe and well. This morning, I would like you to spend 15-20 minutes reading and completing your 'Year 5 Recommended Reading Book' or a similar book. Are you enjoying this book? In addition, below are a few reading resources, I would like you to engage with in order to develop your reading skills further. These are:

  • A 60 second read on a new topic- 'Life Cycles'- there will be one each day of this week...
  • Have a look at the Oxford Owl website- attached below. You can create a log in and access all of the books here for 'free'. It is a really good way of progressing reading for your child, plus it gets them reading without you having to find endless numbers of books!


Prodigy Maths- 11.05.2020


Click the image above- this will take you straight to the 'Prodigy Maths' website. I want you to try to spend 15 minutes using this programme today in order that we can get some data on your areas of strength/ areas for support in Maths. I know many of you have interacted with this already and are doing really well with it. This will also allow me to even out any problems you have with the programme so that you can use it freely over the coming days. Good luck!


Spelling Pattern to Learn- 11.05.2020

Today, we are going to move onto learning a new spelling pattern. The spelling pattern for today will be 'Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words ending in –fer'. The resources to support you with this learning are below. Good luck in preparation for Friday!

Afternoon Learning- Science

For this afternoons learning in Science, we are going to  learn about 'The Rock Cycle'. This is a new topic you might not have come across before. Click the image above which will take you to 'Oak National Academy' website. From here, if you scroll down the page, you will see four lessons about 'The Rock Cycle'. Choose one of them to undertake for today- you will have the opportunity to undertake the others before we move onto another Science topic! Good luck Penguins!